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Marbling Print S4 Print

Rs. 900.00 Rs. 1,800.00


The Limerick face mask is constructed using multiple layers of germ-resistant filters that provide protection from over 90% germs and microbes. The efficacy of the masks has been verified through a BFE Test as per international standards.

It has 4 layers with two active layers in between that provide protection by filtering the contaminants and other microorganisms. Both layers have been sourced from certified manufacturers ensuring an all round protection against pollution and other harmful micro-organisms. The floral print take cues from the label’s ephemeral aesthetic and offer the wearer a fuss-free yet stylish option when stepping out.

Each package contains one Anti Microbial Mask and a zip pouch

Superior fit and greater comfort. Every mask fits most types of faces easily. It has a comfortable ear band made of elastic and is easy to adjust. The mask has a unique and attractive design & are made from the softest material to avoid rashes or itching.
This mask can be reused after a disinfected wash.
3-4 weeks